2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Cost Savings Backed Up By New DOE Study

One of the biggest selling points of electric vehicles is their low maintenance and fuel costs, both for normal consumers and fleet customers. That’s something that was touted when the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro was revealed last month as well. Now, a new Department of Energy (DOE) study backs up automaker’s initial claims about the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro cost savings with some interesting data.


The study takes a look at every single maintenance item related to both ICE and BEV light-duty vehicles, then calculates an estimated scheduled maintenance cost for each. Unsurprisingly, since BEVs lack many of the wear components present in ICE vehicles – including things like spark plugs, oil, timing belts, sensors, and more – maintenance costs are considerably lower for electric vehicles – 6.1 cents per mile for BEVs, versus 10.1 cents per mile for light-duty ICE vehicles.

These numbers are contingent on a variety of factors, of course, including the use of the vehicle and downright luck. Regardless, the data gives us a good idea of what we can save, on average, by driving an electric vehicle instead of one that’s gas-powered. It also jives with what Ford Motor Company previously reported regarding the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro cost savings.

The automaker claims that the Lightning Pro can reduce scheduled maintenance costs by 40 percent over eight years and 100,000 miles when compared to a Ford F-150 equipped with the automaker’s 2.7L EcoBoost V6 over the same timeframe and mileage interval. The DOE estimates a 39.6 percent reduction in maintenance costs, which is about as close as these estimates can possibly get.

Fleets can also factor in additional savings from using electricity versus fuel, which is cheaper, particularly when charging at a company’s physical location rather than using a third-party charging station. Plus, fleet customers will also have access to Ford’s new digital fleet planning tool, which can help them monitor and reduce costs in a number of other areas as well.