Ford Lightning News

Ford Lightning News, rumors, articles, and site updates will be featured here Ford also said it is losing $9,000 on every EV. That is hard to believe at $98,000 for a Platinum.
I was invited to the Ford Blue Oval City event yesterday and I brought my 5 year old because he is a huge fan of ford and my Lightning. I’m pretty lucky that my YouTube channel has opened so many doors with ford! This is the 3rd event I have been invited to. We had a chance to meet Jim Farley, get his autograph and meet his team. They are going to invite us to the grand opening of the new factory too. Jim even tweeted me and retweeted my post and I have a tiny Twitter account. Pretty awesome!!! Video will be posted when I have time to edit. I have a few still in line.
My first truck was a 1957 F100 metal doors inside and out metal dash rubber floor mate. Now we go to the Lightning it is amazing I can't wait to drive it again after a trip. I put a retrax tonneau top and a rugbed on it Then I had ceramic window tint put on. I put clear on the front and back and 30% on the sides and moonroof and what a deference that made. Now it perfect in my books. My dislikes I hat the Black interior. I open at less two garage doors every time I come home because I can't see the black buttons on the black ceiling. I don't like the way you control the A/C. It needs knobs but large Icons and moved up to the top of the screen so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. and finley My Lincoln home screen has...
What is the life expectancy of a Ford Lightning? For example, experts say a battery will lose 2-3% of range each year. ... Battery life expectancy. New 320 230 After year 8 250.8 180.3 After year 9 243.3 174.9 After year 10 236.0 169.6 % degradation from new to year 10 26.26% 26.26%