Ballpark delivery? Small town


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Nov 3, 2021
Ever since I've put my reservation in a few months ago, all I can think is about this Truck. I drive a 2019 Ram now and with my job I'm paying almost $250 a week in gas. Its time for EV!!

I plan to order day one. My local Ford dealership has said they haven't got many reservations in our area. Ive read spring delivery(Pray) but is this going to be based on when the order was placed? Or, Where the order was placed? I'm just hoping like everyone else not have to wait till 2023 for this truck! Idk if anyone has read any news about this apart from main dealership page.

I am leaning toward the Lariat like I'm sure a lot of people are but mostly because of the vertical screen haha.
Welcome to the forum @Mr.Martin - I'm not sure how Ford is going to handle allocations. If it's similar to Bronco production, it was all over the place!
You might want to check out the video below. It is about as good information as you are going to get. I have no inside information, so take what I say with a grain of salt, and value it for what you paid for it. :) From what I've read, Ford does not reveal how they do the build selection or dealer allocation. It seems random, but it is probably just a really complex decision process based on a lot of criteria that makes it seem random. Some criteria that seems to be used in the build selection and dealer allocation are reservation timestamp, dealer past sales of vehicle type, regional allocation, materials supply, order options grouping, order in line at dealership, dealership allocation.

Tim Bartz at Long McArther
I think this is a very good video know matter how much you know about the Lightning I think you will learn something. I have not seen this one before.