Better ride or better range


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Jun 11, 2021
Do you want a better ride or longer range I wanted to know why Ford put 22 inch tires on the Platinum. Looking at the chart if you drive 55 and increase speed to 75 mph you lose 90 miles of range.

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Interesting read if you are a Tesla owner. On my new Platinum, I dislike the 22 inch rims. I too pondered if dropping down to the minimum size that really fits would have value.

But.. does that size of that tire have more to do with the weight load? Semi truck have always had very large tires. Not because it looks cool, but because of the load. If smaller tires made better mileage, then I bet a lot of Semi rigs would go for it if it fit their braking needs as well. But they don't. (3 or 4% better MPG pays off big in fuel costs for long distance trucking)

Right now, I am going to live with what came from the factory. To me it is a 'truck' and not 'my ride'. It has work to do that goes far beyond cruising down the boulevard, in my scenario.

However, that is not everyone's situation. So.. anyone reading this, what is your experience? Did you go smaller?

** of note: I did not by a Platinum to be cool, or have a luxury experience. I have more complex needs, and it fit that bill. Just saying so the context is provided in this conversation. **
At 24,000 miles I had to put new tires on my truck. Ouch! I used to get 35-40,000 on a set of tires. I dropped to 20" rims on my platinum. They look good. I was told I would get a better ride due to the larger tire. I haven't noticed that yet. I had a better selection of 20" tires over 22" and a lot cheaper. I have noticed a small reduction in mileage although I am not sure if that is due the cold weather change. In the long run I am hoping to get better mileage on these tires and that will maybe offset the range loss if any.