Car wash neutral gear


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Nov 12, 2023
I just encountered something I didn't expect the other day. I took my truck to an automated car wash. I went through a few car washes before and it all went smoothly. I've just shifted to the neutral gear, folded mirrors and all went fine (I have a Tesla too, and I recall putting it in neutral I bit more finicky, you have to move the stalk halfway up or down and sometimes it doesn't switch and remain in drive or reverse, and it's hard to see gear indicator N on the screen, it's really small letters)
Well, this last time I put the gear selector to neutral, but the truck didn't want to move once the car wash belt engaged.
I don't recall if my foot was on the brake before switching to neutral, maybe that was the issue. Anyway, I moved the gear selector all the way to the park then back to neutral and it worked the second time.
I do use the one-pedal drive mode and auto-hold in the settings.
Now I wonder if I should've used the button at the bottom of the gear selector (never used it before)
Has anyone had a similar experience?



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Jan 22, 2022
I also use OPD and Auto Hold and I only ever shift to N when doing car wash - never used the button - never had any issues.