Come join The Lightning Clubs of America for the largest club meet up on the East Coast for 2024!

The Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes Clubs will be displaying our trucks at the Carlisle Ford Nationals Car Show from May 31st - June 2nd. There are campsites available for those interested, Ford Performance will be there for seminars and showing off some of their vehicles and much more!

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Register before Tuesday April 16th for a 10% discount on registration fees, however Lightning Clubs of America has not been updated on their registered clubs list. We HAVE been approved and it should be updated within the next 24 hours. Please make sure to register under our national club name (Lightning Clubs of America) to be placed together for the event. Registration Link

When completing your registration you should select:
  • Select Ford Class: "853 TRUCK - TRUCK 2021 & UP 4WD - STOCK"
  • Select Ford Club: "Lightning Clubs of America"

We ask that once you have registered for the event, you fill out this Google Form so we can exchange contact information with everyone and have a head count of who is attending.

We hope to see many of you there! We are the future of transportation and this is an opportunity for community education and to have a great time together! Also, if we register at least 25 members, we get a large club tent from the organizers for the event! Bring your lawn chairs, coolers, and anything we can power with our trucks, as there is a Coolest Club display contest! (while adhering to the event rules)

Any questions, please reach out to [email protected], or your local admins!
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UPDATE: “Lightning Clubs of America” is now listed among all the other Official Clubs for the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Be sure to select that if you are registering and plan to participate with us.

If you registered before it was there (to get the discount) you can go back and submit an update to your registration using this link:

Hope to see you there!