Dealership called to test seriousness


I heard from my dealer today. They wanted to know if I wanted to be one of the 10 people from their dealership who would be able to order the Lightning in January. The suggestion was they wanted those 10 slots to go to people who lived near the dealership. They indicated that they don't know final pricing, of course, and that they aren't sure we will be able to get the exact truck that we are hoping to build, based in history with other models. So I put myself in for the process, waiting to see what the package actually is so I can order if it still makes sense. No orders until January, was the clear message I got. I would suspect early January, based on the tone. So it looks like the dealers have the ability to pick within the reservations that are allocated to them. I realize that this is also designed to create the sense of something in short supply, pressure to accept the dealer's pricing, etc. Also I am sure they are buying time to see what the tax incentive turns out to be with the pending legislation before Congress potentially growing it to the $12k range. If the incentive grows, I am expecting the price to grow a tad, too, but i hope that does not turn out to be true, since they have put a preliminary price out there.
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May 21, 2021
That's great you were one of the first selected. As soon as the order banks open I'm planning on taking down the reserveration list and creating a new list so we can track orders. It will be interesting to see how long the build process takes once these orders are placed.