F150 Lightnings spotted in CA


Jonny Lieberman took to Instagram with photos of 6 F150 Lightnings caught testing at Angeles Crest:

It’s like THUNDER!!! I mean, LIGHTNING!! Ford probably feels like someone just walked their grave, but we caught 6–SIX— F-150 Lightnings up above 7,000 feet on Angeles Crest Today. It was AWESOME! And when I say caught I mean CAUGHT! See, we had the road closed by the fuzz, and the Lightnings had to pull into the parking lot we’d taken over. Suddenly, 3 DSLRs, 3 video cameras, and 17 iPhones were on them like EV-lovin’ flies! The video is from when the cops opened the road. Impressions? They look like F-150s, sound like normal trucks, have short half-shafts, and no tailpipes. Thoughts? #ford #lightning #f150lightning #evtruck @ford