First impressions - Antimatter Blue is sooo dark. Otherwise, a fun but heavy truck.

MR Fiso

New member
Nov 26, 2023
Washington State
I managed to wrangle a Platinum edition. With my trade-in, the price was very nice, even though I was ready to pay much more.
I specifically want Antimatter Blue. Dang.. that color is sooo dark. Almost Black. You really only see the blue in direct sunlight. Not complaining. Just not exactly what I was thinking.

I did not buy it to be a sport car. Yes, once I got it home, I did the old 'hammer time' with my wife in it to show that off speed jump. Made sure everyone had their heads up against the head rest :). But during the test ride, that wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted to see what it felt like to drive a large heavy truck after not doing so since my military days, 30 years ago (not including the U-Haul box trucks along the way). It was just natural to to maneuver around the (way too packed) dealer lot to get to an exit. You pay attention to where you are and you are good. But.. That proximity warning system is a massive safety net that has paid off twice when I got it home, while backing up. I am good, but I can be better, rather than a bit too close.

Comfort. Just fine. Heated butt, that is nice. Heated steering wheel, nice as well. Here is an odd thing: When I got into at the dealer, I did not have to adjust the seat in any way. It was in just the right place for me. I am sure the controls work just fine, but I have not used them yet.

The bed (box area) is a beautiful color. But it will be sad to have to cover it up with a bed liner coating. I bought it to be a truck. So that will get scratched up too quick. I will get it coated at some place that is not the dealer. I want it to last and not be the cheapest deal the dealer scored.

Verdict (with 110 miles on it): Enjoyable. Easy to drive, if you have every driven heavy trucks before. Platinums are pretty high off the ground. Those door frame grab handles are a nice thing to have, as is that built in step rail.

PS: Mother-in-law (who now lives with us) loves the heated back seats (which, honestly, is really the only reason I needed to step up to the Platinum.)