Ford F-150 Lightning waiting list could be over 3 years long!


According to a recent post on, the waiting list for Ford's e-truck is already over three years long! Initially, Dearborn said they planned to produce 15,000 units in the first year, when the truck launches in spring 2022. The following year, according to a Ford source, production would ramp up to 55,000. In 2024, that number would increase to 80,000 units, already representing a doubling from the initial target of 40,000 thanks to the authorization of an $850 million spend. If you do the math, that's 150,000 units. But as CEO Jim Farley told CNBC on Tuesday, Ford has received 200,000 reservations already. In other words, over three years of production capacity are already spoken for.

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He also said in the same interview wi to Jim Cramer that 2023 the lightening will make 80k vehicles minimal if he his team can source enough batteries.
I hope they can ramp up faster than that! They produced about 43,000 Broncos last month and I can tell you that didn't even put a dent in the demand. If they are hoping to ramp up to 55,000 for the second year total, then these are going to be rare as hens teeth for the first couple of years.
I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'd be surprised if they can ramp us as fast as they hope. I also then worry about quality control issues.