Ford Lightning Smart Hitch and Onboard Scales


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Jun 7, 2021
The Lightning's new Smart Hitch and Onboard Scales is a game changer!

OnBoard Scales - This available feature offers a scale that measures payload weight automatically based on the specific capability of the F-150 Lightning. It then displays the approximate payload weight in the truck. Load information is displayed in the center touchscreen with a graphic representation of the truck or on a mobile phone through the FordPass App. Additionally, the truck can be set on scale mode, which zeros out the current load and allows for the approximate weighing of additional items loaded onto the pickup.

Smart Hitch - Available Smart Hitch is designed to help you easily load trailers and practice safe towing. Smart Hitch measures the tongue weight of a trailer being connected to help the customer distribute trailer weight correctly. After the trailer is set up in the center touch screen, Smart Hitch calculates its appropriate tongue weight and provides guidance on weight distribution or hitch overloading on the screen or on the FordPass App. The truck will indicate if the current hitch weight is too high or low, and can even guide owners through properly tensioning a weight-redistributing hitch.


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