Ford warning dealers "Don't Sell Demo Units"


Now, the automaker is even warning dealers who would be tempted to sell their demo units (FCTP Mannequin unit).

Ford wrote in a communication to dealerships shared on the

Dealers receiving a 22MY F-150 Lightning Mannequin unit will begin taking delivery mid-May 2022. Assigned Mannequin units will be built and shipped in phases based on commodity availability. Not all F-150 Lightning Mannequin units will be shipped at the same time.
Then the automaker warned about selling those units:

The sale of any F-150 Lightning FCTP Mannequin unit to a final customer prior to meeting all in-service requirements will result in a penalty of $25,000, unless the FCTP Mannequin unit can be replaced with another F-150 Lightning within 90 days. It will also result in the unit being ineligible for any retail bonus cash incentives and chargeback of any FCTP 3-60/90/120 Day incentives and will result in dealer ineligibility for future FCTP Mannequin programs.
This should allow more people the chance to go and see the F-150 Lightning in person at those dealers and even try it in some cases.

However, taking one home should prove difficult for the next year, as Ford works through its backlog of reservations. Full PDF available below.
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