I have been reading about Dealer ADM ,and more people wanting to buy direct from the manufacturer. I can understand the reason for wanting to do that,

Don weller

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The customer would know exactly what they would pay for the vehicle. There is a reason dealer ships got the nickname stealerships.
So I am wondering if manufacturers such as Ford and GM could open up service centers for their products, fully stocked with parts for their brands.

And hire qualified people to work for them at a respectable salary. As we all know car salesman and the sales department mgrs. are not regarded as the most honest people to be found in a lot of dealerships.

I suppose a ceniro like this would not be allowed to happen, it probably would breaking some law. Oh well I guess I can dream.
Yes, too many intervening state regulations / laws confine the traditional manufacturer to use dealer models, this confines them from operating more like a Tesla or Rivian, but Ford is building the Model E franchise process, and new ways for local dealers to operate under stricter rules regarding pricing.