Lariat All Terrain Tire Change Notice

Interesting Ford email today regarding my Lighting Build Date 11-14-22. Due to supply chain issues they will be replacing the All-Season 20" tires with All-Terrain at no additional cost. It also mentions this will have a small impact on Payload, Towing Capacity and Range. Has any one else received this email and as it is not optional, what is the impact?


Oct 31, 2021
Washington State
My build date is 12/12/22. I'd love to get that email. I live in snow country with LOTS of hills and drive on dirt roads every week. The OEM A/T tires spec'd for the lightning look to be a VERY mild A/T so I don't think the range impact will be much. The only reason why I didn't opt for the A/T tires was I didn't want to do anything to delay the build but it looks like it might be the other way around!