Mislabeled Color & Unrecognized VIN# on Pre-Owned 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning LARIAT w/ 600mi


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Sep 16, 2022
Almost bought a LARIAT today, as have been searching cancelled/fleet sales from dealers for a couple months now.

Looks like Antimatter in pics, but salesperson assured its actually Atlas.

In person its obviously Antimatter as well, yet all their website, autotrader, printouts, etc so far say 'Atlas Blue Metallic'.

Ok so there was an error they can't correct or whatever so pitch is that's just the color looking dark even in hot sunny socal sun, somehow? 0_o

So be it.. Well then I get try to get quotes for insurance but company reps call back saying VIN# don't come up, email them an even clearER pic from driver post , etc...what an extra hassle; despite the dealer's customer seems to have already drove it some 600 miles - what, with no insurance for it directly? Dealer says customer changed mind, doesn't want it (I wouldn't either if I ordered Atlas, waited months, then get Anti delivered as Atlas unless deeply discounted for the baitswitch!) ; that the VIN is just 'too new'.

Hopefully whoever does, doesn't encounter that VIN# issue with getting insurance quotes.

I did, and so the 2 above issues plus there was no parking at all anywhere in the whole parking lot nor street at bank when I went to get a cashiers check, finalized the deal break for me.

Anyways, wonder why does this happen and why can't they fix it? I mean when it comes time to REsell, wouldnt saying Antimatter is Atlas cause that's what's on the records still be intentional E/O misrep anyways?
as an insurance agent/agency owner, I can assure you that just because a vin is 'too new', means nothing - any company can enter it manually even if their current vin database does not yet have it... also, color will matter little... either the next owner likes the color, or they don't - what's on the 'paperwork' doesn't really matter. In the RV'ing world, there are many times that a 'chassis' is built in one model year, while the actual 'final vin' shows it as a 'next model year' vehicle - the tag office's have a great time with that one! In the end, the MANUFACTURER decides the model year, not the state or the tag office. I wouldn't worry about whether a color shown is the color of the vehicle - it really ONLY impacts whether the next owner likes it or not.