mobile charging can eliminate charging deserts Spark charge

I can see this as an effective 'roadside assistance' type of product for 'breakdowns' on interstates, etc., but for the common EV owner, no, and not really even for the 'inner city' as they surmise... as the quality, number, and speed of DC Fast Charging infrastructure matures, this product will be more akin to a 2gal gas jug delivered to your disabled vehicle - those 'once in a lifetime' events aren't going to build a company or transform how we charge.

I do like the mobile aspect, and the 'stackable' design, maybe a market will arise where this is a good fit for specific needs, such as 'off grid' locations. I don't see it, or most any other 'mobile charger battery pack' being a reasonable option for 'range anxiety' owners who think they will NEED a 'backup' battery for their EV, although it's certainly a 'better' option versus a gas generator : )
I have always carried at least one full 5 gallon gas can when I go camping in the PNW. Can these eventually be the equal for the F150, while also adding more house power backup capacity?