My New Truck

My first truck was a 1957 F100 metal doors inside and out metal dash rubber floor mate. Now we go to the Lightning it is amazing I can't wait to drive it again after a trip. I put a retrax tonneau top and a rugbed on it Then I had ceramic window tint put on. I put clear on the front and back and 30% on the sides and moonroof and what a deference that made. Now it perfect in my books. My dislikes I hat the Black interior. I open at less two garage doors every time I come home because I can't see the black buttons on the black ceiling. I don't like the way you control the A/C. It needs knobs but large Icons and moved up to the top of the screen so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. and finley My Lincoln home screen has everything on it just smaller. It has map, phone in and out temp and all the apps buttons, radio and what is playing The lightning does not have a real Home page. Oh I left out that my old truck came with only one tail light on the driver side, it had a place for one on the left so I was going to buy one but for did not run wires for it . In Texas one tail light was legal because we used hand signals for turning and stopping.
I love the Band and Olfson unlished, It has the clearest sound I have ever heard in a car. but was disappointed to find out the speakers in the head rest only come on when you are streaming a video for surround sound. My wife like that she can't smell gas all the time and I keep my garage climate controlled all but 4 months out of the year so when I drive it in from a trip to eat or something it does not heat up the garage and make the air run for hourer to cool it back down. I like the three glove boxes. I give my wife one so she can keep her junk out of mine she like to fill then till things fall out ever time you open it. That gives me the center console and the puss botton one. There is a lot more I like about this truck but everyone like the Frunk and storage under the back seat. So thanks for listening I would like to hear from anthers.
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