Preferred Lightning Screen Mode - Dark or Light or Auto-Swicthing?

What is your Preferred Lightning Screen Mode - Dark or Light?

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Jan 22, 2022
Curious what mode most people on the forum use with their Infotainment system. I prefer Dark Mode because I find the light mode just too bright at night - even when using the dimming controls.

MR Fiso

New member
Nov 26, 2023
Washington State
My prior 2020 Camry (Hybrid) had auto switching, which could be annoying when you have long sections of shade trees along your daytime path. but I lived with it, even though I could have just forced the mode I desired.

With the Lightning, I have decided to force it to Dark mode. I find it easier on the eyes, and less distracting then having it bouncing back and forth between modes. Driving at night (the one time I have done so since buying it in the last month), it kept the cabin dark so I can concentrate on the road (which Auto mode would do too).