SR Battery Question of Real-World Range


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Aug 4, 2021
There was alot of talk about how many "real" miles one could get out of an ER battery, was there a similar study for the SR?
Ford doing us all dirty by not allowing to add an ER battery at the retail Pro level - I know yall are tired of hearing that gripe.

I feel priced out of this truck beyond the Pro trim.

Too bad there isnt an after-market solution to get more range beyond the 230.

Looking at the early early orders people posted thus far, the PRO trim is winning out - maybe alot of others in the same boat as me where they arent considering the XLT or higher trims because the cost is way out there.


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Dec 2, 2021
Keep in mind the 230 and 300 range figures are based on a 1000 lbs load. An online reviewer who was given an ER Platinum to blog about saw that with 80% charge he was well over 300 miles of range and showed this in his video. Doing the math in the video, th blogger calculated that at 100% charge, this would have put the ER range at like 460 fully charged.

The Ford rep who was with this blogger is the one who shared the base figures are with an assumed 1000 lbs load.
so the SR will have this same assumption and would thus get more than 230. (With just one driver)

The ER with 300 base range becoming 460 is very promising for those who are just going to have a driver and a very occasional passenger, like me.

we know the ER is a 131kwh battery size based on the docs posted to this site.
460/131 is about 3.51 Per kWh.

I’m getting an SR battery so my 230 should become about 345 since the SR is a 98kwh size.

I know I’m making assumptions in my calcs, they‘re intended to be rough calcs, but I hope I’m not too far off in my math and the SR gets about this 350 with just a driver.

Anyone else feel free to chime in on my math.

I found the video. At about 8:10 into the video
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