The argument between LFC and MCN


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Jun 11, 2021
The arguments for LFP versus NCM are relatively simple. LFP batteries are cheaper and rely on easier to find materials. This can bring the price of a vehicle down. Ford estimates that adopting LFP on some models is projected to bring a 10% to 15% saving on materials.

LFP batteries also have longer cycle lives, meaning they can be charged to full and emptied more often than an NCM battery.

On the other hand, NCM batteries have longer charges and more power, meaning less time between charges and the ability to have more power. NCM batteries also charge faster. The differences in lifespan and potential miles are somewhat negligible.

Ford said that the LFP batteries would come next year to the Mustang Mach-Es sold in North America and in F150 Lightnings in early 2024 in order to increase capacity of those vehicles.