Towing Electric Vehicals

Ford applied for a patent for towing an electric vehicle such as your want that would assist in braking and pushing, something I too am interested in, but that application for a patent is apparently as far as they have gone at this time. As far as I have researched there isn't an EV that can be towed 4 wheels down. It seems possible a dolly could be used with a front wheel drive EV, but your out of luck with the awd Lightning unless you use a trailer under that 6-7,000 lbs truck.
I just want find out if the ford lightning can be towed behind an RV without a trailer? Can anyone help me with this info?

Not that I know of. The Mustang Mach E is not able to be flat towed or dolly towed because it's AWD or RWD. The Lightning will come AWD only.
Rivian has confirmed that sooner than later, the vehicles will have a mode that will effectively disengage all 4 of their motors to allow safe flat towing of their vehicles. In addition, the new R1T and R1S will also be able to recharge their batteries while they are being towed.