Towing from Minnesota to Tripoli Balls Rocket Launch in Black Rock Desert NV


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Sep 8, 2022
I have plotted a route on ABRP, for an F150 extended range, assuming 1/2 range towing large box trailer housing ATV, several rockets, tools and camping gear.
Route shows 35:58 driving time, 23 charging stops 24:50 hours charging.
Some sections require reduced speed to make the next charger.
Arriving at end point 10% charge left. It is 100 miles back to nearest charger.
I will be at the launch for three days.
What size generator should I pack to be able to charge back to 90%?
This round trip will take an extra 4 days due to charging time compared to last years in an ice F150.
Does this make doing this trip improbable for an F150 Lighting?
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