Wait Wait Wait


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Jan 24, 2023
Apex, NC
The trucks are piling up in North Carolina. My dealer can't sell them. He said the market has tanked on these trucks. Too much $$$$. Wait three months and go to any dealer, you won't be paying sticker. They will have so many trucks this summer, it will be like the old days where each dealer had so many trucks, you could name your price.
One guy had a truck for two weeks, hated it. Returned it and took an $8K hair cut.
If you buy one, plan on keeping it. I bet they drop $20K in value the first year.
I am so dissappointed in the pricing. Way out of line for the ER.
Good luck. I am keepng my 2018 F150 KR for now.
I think you are right. Ford just keeps screwing the little people. I have never owned anything but a Ford but now I say F Ford

What di you think!
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