What Tonneau Cover do you plan to add?


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May 21, 2021
I'm currently using a Retrax Pro XR on my F250 and it's been great! I'm interested to see what tonneau cover everyone else is planning to go with.
I've been very happy with my Bakflip tonneau cover on my current F150. I will probably get another one for the Lightning.
Just checked out the bakflip brand after reading this. Very nice and definitely something I’ll consider for my lightning.
Glad to hear you like it! I've been very happy with mine and it's nice that you don't have to close the tailgate before you drop the last panel for it to seal correctly. Some other tri-fold covers only work if you shut the tailgate first, but the Bakflip works either way.
Those look nice! I've never had one because I'm greedy about my bed space, but my friends that have them seem to like them.
I would like to know if the leak water. I have always had a SnugTop They are all fiberglass and stay dry but i'm thinking I would like to try a retractable.
I would think electric truck owners would demand a bed cover just for the drag resistance from an uncovered tail gate.
BakFlip is the way to go. Reasonable price, high quality, great looking and no holes drilled for the install. Too many moving parts on the retractable covers...More likely to have a problem down the road.
I have a Solid Fold looks similar to BakFlip. I think either would be a good choice. Mine on 2016 parked outside looks like new.
I am thinking of getting a camper shell as well, but I am also thinking of getting the iced blue Pro. I hope they’ll make iced blue camper shells.
,Because I live in snow area. It's hard to deal with a tonneau cover with rain and snow. I'm thinking like you with the camper shell. As far as color, you can always have it wrapped.