Will the Ford pro charger and V2H system


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Dec 3, 2021
NE Kansas
Will the Ford pro charger and V2H system work on other EV brands. I'm late to the order game I reserved Dec 2, 2021 so I will not get 1 for at least 1 year or 2. I do have a Nissan leaf S+ and would like to V2H with the leaf till I get my Ford Lighting.
I don’t think there’s any specs to truly confirm either way.
But if I had to guess…my guess would be no, another EV using the Ford pro charger (and required HIS) would not be able to
Power the home.

The rationale for my guess is the ability to allow bi-directional power flow I believe to be vehicle specific hardware and software feature. The pro charger (plus required and sold separately HIS system) are simply the catalyst for the power to run back into the home.
We also don’t know if any other EV will be able to talk to the HIS inverter system that you MUST have installed separately from the pro charger for the Lightning to flow power back to the home.

I suppose it’s possible but I’m wondering if any other older EV has the hardware and software capabilities to allow Bi-directional power flow and then on top of that talk to the HIS hardware.

I’d LOVE for other EVs to be able but my gut says no.

Maybe someone else has some hard spec data they have read that points otherwise they can share.
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My understanding Nissan leaf is capable of V2H thru Chademo plug they use in Asia and Europe but not in North American. That said the Ford version looks to being going thru the level 2 charging side. I figure all the brains is thru 2nd part of the V2H equipment. You are prolly right and there is more to it than that.