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Today at 2:42 I got a invitation from Ford to order my lightning. I am excited. I placed my reservation on 5/25/21 I will be ordering a Lariat.stone gray metallic. 😊
Congrats! My truck is Bended today It is 604 out of 781 built today so I think it will be built on the new night shift. My truck is iconic silver Platinum. I had a Bedrug and a Retrax tonneau top in my garage waiting for 3 months arrival of my Lightning. You will be sure to get the updated sync 4A.
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Thanks. I must be a little dense this evening. Maybe it the weather, it snowed here today and now it's raining. It's going to very cold and windy here over the weekend. Merry Christmas I hope you have a good one.
Thank you I am alway a little dense at my age. Merry Christmas. It is real cold here to
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