Ford F-150 Lighting Towing Test Raises Concerns

right, we've towed our own ~3,000lb single-axle camper for over 1,000 miles and certainly understand the rules around 'towing'... and just like with a gas vehicle, you are going to have to stop more often. If I would have to stop once without my camper, I would have to stop THREE times with it... as the numbers bear out...

and, you have to 'plan' your route, not as the 'shortest' distance you might WANT to take, but one that takes you by the CHARGERS you will need. This means that you have to actually go OUT OF THE WAY when towing, which is annoying, but the reality.

I always figure that 100 miles is about the extend of what I have available to reach a charger, or my destination. If DC Fast Charging to 80% with our PRO, that equates to about 98kwh x 80% x 1.3m/kw while towing = about 102 miles average. If you need more, up to 125 miles, you'll have to sit at the charger a LOT LONGER to get near 100%.