Ford F-150 Lightning EPA Range Ratings Leaked Online

According to the lyrics of a well known song, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” The Moroney stickers for various Ford F-150 Lighting models were posted by Reddit user vandy1981. What the source of the photos posted is not revealed, Jim Farley hasn’t returned our calls, and the accuracy of the photos cannot be independently verified (they sure look authentic, though), so guide yourself accordingly. (Editor’s note: the VINs shown seem legit.)

The first is for the base version, the one that is supposedly for fleet customers only. Whether an individual can order one is unclear at this moment. Notice it lists for $41,669, including transportation and has an EPA range of 230 miles – precisely what Ford predicted. It also shows this truck has an MPGe of 68 miles (combined) and uses 49 kWh to travel 100 miles.


Next up we have the base model of the truck with the extended range battery. 70 MPGe/48 kWh per 100 miles for $50,374 …


Then the Lariat version with the extended range battery. It is rated at 70 MPGe/48 kWh per 100 miles, and – thanks to its larger battery pack – has an EPA rated range of 320 miles. That bigger battery seems to be part of that larger “Lariat” option group, however, and combines with other options to ratchet up the vehicle’s price tag to $81,244. That’s almost double the price of the base truck!


And now, for your viewing pleasure, the all singing, all dancing Platinum level truck with extended range battery, a range of 300 miles (down from the Lariat due to added weight), a 66 MPGe/51 kWh per 100 mile rating, and an eye-watering price tag of $93,874. Which is pricey, but a few grand short of the most expensive Super Duty diesel F-series you can buy.


Autoblog notes that the EPA range numbers are not yet official on the agency’s website. So while these Monroney stickers look like the real deal, official ain’t official until it’s official. There are several hundred comments on the Reddit forum, some of which suggest Ford’s online configurator doesn’t yet recognize all of these models and prices, so things are still in flux there.

The takeaway here is that these electric pickup trucks all have an MPGe rating that is more than double that of their gas powered cousins in the regular F-150 lineup. That’s a win for the environment, fleet managers, and anyone else who gags at the idea of paying $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline. And lest you find the prices a bit staggering, keep this in mind. They aren’t all that different than the prices for fully loaded F-150s today. The Lariat edition starts at $67,474 and rises quickly from there.

The base model with the extended range battery is a pretty good deal, but good luck ordering one as a private citizen. The scuttlebutt is that Ford will be manufacturing the most expensive models first while supplying work trucks with vinyl seats to its commercial customers. It could be a while before ordinary folks can get there hands on one. Nevertheless, the EV revolution is about to take another big step forward, which is good news for an Earth that is sagging beneath the burden of carbon dioxide and methane emissions attributable to human activity.