Howdy from Oregon!


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Jul 16, 2022
I'd best drop an intro here.

I took delivery of my new fleet vehicle, a Lightning Pro this week.
Several months back, the company started asking folks if they'd be interested in an EV. I jumped right on that!
I show 280 of my own miles. Power at the charger, 163.2 kwH. ~$21 for five days of driving. The projected mileage is coming up. Got 2.7 miles per kw on one trip.
Liking the pickup so far.

What part of Oregon? I live in Washington in the Columbia Gorge area and Ray Schultens Ford in The Dalles is my dealer. I've driven their SR Lariat twice now. It didn't disappoint and I can't wait for mine.
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I'm down in the South Valley. Yessir! It can be fun! But tread carefully, as the miles per kw is inversely proportional to your foot! 😀

Hi Twidget,

I'm new to the forum, but got my Lightning back in July from Landmark Ford up in the Portland area.

I know there's a few around town, but I still haven't seen them out on the road. Not sure if I would spot a pro right away though. Hope you're still enjoying yours.
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I'm not going to lie. I love this truck. Once I learned how to charge it properly, it became awesome as far as $/mile goes, and any time I feel the need to push the performance envelope, game on. I try really hard to keep my foot out of it. It's quiet, comfortable, and provides plenty of tech for a work truck. I have the standard battery, and have no issue going anywhere on the I5 corridor, or into Central Oregon.
Currently working to come up with a clean way to charge it. I charge in the evening, or at night, so I'm pulling across the grid. That means coal and Natural gas since the hydro plants are being shut down out here. Solar is 11 to 4-ish, so without a big off-grid system, and a snoot full of batteries, I'm doing bupkis for the environment. All the best intentions. I'm entertaining bids to build a full off grid system to just charge the truck, and get myself away from the corporate lie surrounding what we have for power. Green-washed juice with certificates from non-consumption hours. In any event, not the trucks fault. Scared people voting stupid, not keeping track of what they let government take. If teenagers were meant to vote, they'd have the brains they think they have.