I am getting extra miles - 268 on a Lightning Pro!


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Jul 22, 2023
Harpswell ME
Hello Lightning bugs
I've had a new 2022 pro now for a few months, which I do not use terribly often, though it is a pleasure to use. The first few times it charged up to about 230 miles as advertised. Initially I was charging it off of a 110v outlet - painfully slow but got the job done. Holds its charge well even if it sits for a month or more. Then I had a 230V "Dryer circuit" (i.e. AC) installed by my electrician. Now I'm getting 260-268 miles on every charge. I'm not complaining but ... is this normal, and can I count on continuing to get these bonus miles indefinitely?
Curious to know if others had this experience...

ICED Lightning

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Mar 15, 2022
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'guess-o-meter' miles are just that.... guesses. The truck can no more tell you how many miles you will 'get', than it can tell you if there are martians on the moon... it is simply 'guessing'... but, the good news is that it is using your past driving history to help determine that 'guess'. Sounds like you have been a 'good' driver : )

the battery pack has a certain amount of 'power', and nothing we can do will change that, although we can 'help' ourselves gain more miles by how we drive, the weather conditions, the terrain, the wind... they all play a factor. 268 miles to start sounds good, but don't plan on that being a 'guarantee'... you might find that you only really get 225, etc. You might also see the opposite - it might say 268, and you wind up going 270...

my last long trip, the other day, it started saying about the same: 268 miles of 'range'. I doubted that I would see anything close to that, probably more like 230 at best. But, to my surprise, and due mostly to great weather, no wind, and conservative driving, I arrived 236 miles later, with 30 miles still showing on the 'guess-o-meter'... with an average of somewhere between 2.7 and 2.8 m/kwh...

I have two of my sons with CHEVY BOLTS - interestingly, Chevy provides a true 'range' of miles, meaning that they show the 'high range', the 'middle range', and the 'low range'... which I think is nice because it shows you more of what to expect...best case, and worst case, so you might can better 'plan' your travel day.
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