Price Drop: Collective Action For Recourse From Ford For Affected Buyers


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Aug 12, 2023

I bought my Lariat 2 weeks before the price drop. I figure it was a $17K kick in the n**ts, due to higher MSRP, lost federal credit, higher registration/taxes/etc. Not cool!

My dealer recommended I contact Ford customer service to file a complaint, which I have done.

If you were affected by the price drop, I recommend calling 800.392.3673 to file a complaint.

My dealer initially recommended I call and ask for EV/Model E program and file a complaint. I ended up with someone in marketing who could do nothing and said the Model E program was unrelated and between Ford and dealers. He was however able to log my call.. Not sure if you need to get to 'someone' internally to do so, or just file a complaint through whoever picks up the customer service call.

If they hear from enough of us they will likely address it (like they did with the Mach E).

Fortunately, I love my new truck. Unfortunately I overpaid by $17K. I am happy that the price dropped. We need more EVs on the road and this will help. That said, Ford should take action to appease those with a very sour taste in their mouths.

If anyone has any other ideas for being the squeaky wheel for Ford, let us know.



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Mar 30, 2023
I bought on July 14 a day before price drop. Sent emails to Farley his office called and said there is nothing they can do. Have filled several complains with ford no luck.