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MR Fiso

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Nov 26, 2023
Washington State
Dang, I thought Antimatter Blue was going to be a lighter color. This thing is so dark. Almost near black. Unless you hit it in direct sunlit, then those pretty metal flakes pop and it has a very deep blue shade. No complaints, just surprised how dark it can be.

I ponder if I have a 'range' issue. Dealer to home was 80 miles. End of trip and it report it had 170 miles left. No 80 miles an hour around here. I kept it about 60 or so. We shall see how it works out.
(yes, if I really have another 170 on it to empty, then 170 + 80 = 250)
** 45% of that trip was below 45. Sigh.. we shall see. **

Yes, it is a box. Yes, the front it flat. Yes, speed is a fight for power. I intend to keep it in the 'semi truck speed range' where applicable. Have to learn to not be in a hurry.