price adjustment

You and b bunch of other Lightning owners should feel like they have been scammed. First several price increases, then almost back to May 2022. We all expect a new vehicle to depreciate but to have the manufacturer cut $10,000 off the price of your new vehicle is a new low for a manufacturer. Word on the street is that Ford is losing money on each Lightning sold. If that is true what is Ford’s motivation?
1. put Rivian out of business?
2. They are trying to force Chevrolet and Tesla to cut their prices. Why?
3. They can‘t sell trucks at the inflated prices. (Most likely)
4. Even if all of the above are true, some sort of compensation for current owners should be in the works.
The FTC needs to get involvEd. Ford marketing should have known better. Don’t feel like you should have anticipated this; the average Joe on the street does not have a chance when a company pulls something like this. It will be interesting to see if this posts.