Pro Lightning

Benny Bolt

New member
Dec 2, 2021
I'm new to the forum and always wanted an EV ever since i started driving but never stepped up to the plate until the range was better. The last one I came close to buying was the Ranger back in the day but 60-mile range with a bed of 12v batteries just didn't do it.
I cannot get a good answer from my Ford dealer, but can I order a Pro ? I heard they are for fleet only. I don't need all the bells and whistles just the basics. I drove in a Platinum Lightning with the 563hp and that was too fast for me. I rather have the lower hp and the 230 range that would be just fine, i might charge it 1xs every 3 weeks. I cannot afford the xlt $53k. If its 40k with and the 12k knocked off, that's my range. I can get the D plan that will help, and my state has a $2500 cash back with lower electric rates.
I also had a chance to drive an EV Transit, that was faster than the gas engine too, but range is 156, great for a work van. I also got to drive a Mach E for a day, 200-mile drive and it still had about 100 miles on the battery. That had great power and range.