Should I expect a photo from production line?


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Sep 26, 2021
Castle Rock, CO
Hi, I've seen a lot of folks got a picture of their truck as it was completed on the assembly line. Does everyone get this? My truck is showing 'built' as of yesterday, but I have not received any emails with that photo.

I would really like it, but just wondering if it is random or if everyone who ordered should get one.

I never got one My truck has shipped with no date on when it shipped or when it my arrive.
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Still never got my photo, but I'm picking up my Lightning today!! Here are a few photos I got yesterday from my dealer.


Excellent! That color is really nice!

If you purchased the ER battery, keep after Ford and SunRun to ensure Ford marks the truck as SOLD as soon as possible. Sunrun waits for their status associated to the VIN to initiate the process to ship you your ChargeStatoipn Pro. It took a couple weeks for mine but we finally got it installed (with my electrician, not Sunrun) and it’s FANTASTIC. My only gripe is the poor integration between the Ford ChargeStation Pro App and the FordPass App - I will post a separate thread on that.