The winner of the Ford Lightning "Top 5 Reasons" Giveaway is....


Congrats to @corradoborg for winning the first Ford Lightning Forum giveaway! The top 5 reasons for his purchase is:

1. MEGA POWER FRUNK! I love the idea of having a trunk on a pickup truck. No need for a tonneau cover.​
2. Going Electric to save the world! I hate buying gas, but I need a truck. Until now, the latter has required the former.​
3. It looks like an F-150, not some dystopian sci-fi conveyance, a bug-eyed sprite, or a Chevy Avalanche (I'm not a fan of the Cybertruck, Rivian, or GM EV trucks).​
4. Buying American. My current pickup is a Toyota, and I'd rather my money be going to an American company heavily investing in EVs.​
5. It'll be my first NEW vehicle ever! I have historically always bought used vehicles to let someone else take the initial hit in value. But I'm tired of always having older, outdated rides, and I look forward to having all the coolest new features.​
Thanks again to everyone that participated! We look forward to launching another giveaway next month.​
Thank you! I look forward to using the hat and tumbler while I wait for MY '23 order invitations to begin. Thanks for throwing this contest. I never thought I'd win, but just thought it was fun to participate. Now I'm thrilled!