Would you buy a 2 door Lightning

ICED Lightning

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Mar 15, 2022
rural Georgia
I would personally rather have a MAVERICK all-battery truck. I don't 'need' a huge cab, or bed, but I DO like the utility it provides, even if it did not come with a 'frunk' : )


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Jun 11, 2021
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I would love to buy one for my grandkids to take to school I hope Ford will bring one out around $30,000.

By the way has anyone seen the Ice Blue Silver in person. All i see is pictures, one time it will be pale light blue and the next picture will a much richer blue like what is like the on Ford's website where you check your reservation. Please tell me which one it looks like
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Jan 4, 2022
I believe the render is intended to shows the shorter 122" wheelbase 6.5' bed. I'm a big fan of that configuration (and that is what I currently drive in ICE form); I think it is a great compromise that affords a longer bed than the crew cab (lumber can actually be strapped in fully supported by the bed and tailgate), but the truck fits in my garage and has a notably tighter turning radius than the longer variants.

However, I suspect the 122" wheelbase has a snowball's chance in hell of production, at least for the current generation Lightning.

The Youtube channel Alex on Autos once made the comment that perhaps Ford could do an 8ft regular cab on the same chassis as the crew cab Lightning, but this seemed an off-the-cuff comment without any practical consideration. Given the regular cab 8ft bed is 141" wheelbase and the crew cab 5.5ft bed is 145", that doesn't seem a likely engineering effort for the resource-constrained Lightning team. (Perhaps they could do an extended cab 6.5' bed on the existing Lightning chassis, but I suspect the would-be sales numbers might be even lower than the regular cab.)

I'm assuming the "TE1" architecture (late 2025?) might bring this to reality, and if I actually get the opportunity to fulfill my May 20 reservation, I'll have to decide whether it is better to get an oversized crew cab in the nearer term or wait for a possible TE1 regular cab that I'd really like.

As much as I personally like the regular cab truck class, I would agree with the sentiment that a Maverick-type EV truck might have better adoption. I'm a bit spooked by Jim Farley's talk of a "different" truck coming from the new Tennessee plant; I think the draw of the Lightning is its conventional-ness (and the down-to-earth practicality of using its battery as a power source). However, I'll reserve judgment until the specifics are known for this other new vehicle.

ICED Lightning

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Mar 15, 2022
rural Georgia
my choice of the Lightning was never about a 'supercrew' truck, or a 'full size' truck, it was about the ability to finally have a full EV with the utilitarian build that allows you to use as a 'vehicle' for simple needs, but also a vehicle to do the 'other' things that come into need infrequently, like a sheet of plywood to take home, towing my camper, or just the ability to make a large-item purchase without having to suddenly realize that you drove your convertible mustang to the store.

I actually voted for the new MAVERICK to become the full EV version before the Lightning would, but Ford is betting on the full size truck that most of us are used to, and many of us may already own, as the 'easy transition' to the full EV lifestyle, or workstyle.