I was able to test drive XLT Lightning


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Sep 26, 2021
Castle Rock, CO
Yesterday, I was able to personally test drive a Standard Range XLT 'demo' Lightning from my dealer. It was a true blast to be able to actually drive one for myself. Unfortunately, it was raining and traffic was very heavy, so I was unable to 'punch it'; but I certainly didn't need to in order to feel how powerful it was. I enabled one-pedal drive mode; which was very interesting and it took some getting used to, but I could see the value in stop-and-go traffic.

Really makes me want to get mine officially ordered (still waiting on my reservation to get upgraded to an order) - MY-2023.

If you get a chance, I'd encourage you to drive one, if you have the opportunity.
That's great to hear! I need to check my local dealers and see if any of them have a demo. Thanks for the heads-up!
Thanks for the post!

I was able to as well, it was a great day and I was able to “punch it” and I must say that my wife - who is a rollercoaster junkie - was BLOWN AWAY by the instant speed. I also drove the XLT with cloth seats, black exterior and standard range battery. I was shooting for a Lariat but the XLT was quite nice!