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On the last update I got gives Lariat and Platinum owners a way to record your ideas that you would like to change on the lightning. So if you have any good ideas please Go to the general tab on your screen and record and send it in.
May I present the Lightning Clubs of America ! The purpose of our clubs is to meet other owners in person, participate in community events and network with each other. On our website, owners will be able to sign up for email alerts for events, check out all the affiliated clubs throughout the country and see photos from events. Our website is NOT a forum, but simply informational and will help you find your local club to join. We've gotten feedback that some prefer to use email as a form of communication, so we've added that ability. Feel free to visit to sign up! At the moment there are only two chapters: The Northeast Lightning Club and the Great Lakes Lightning Club. We're in talks with a few other possible clubs and looking for more...