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Hello all! Come join @Ford @NELightningClub and @NortheastMach for Cars and Coffee before the @ElectrifyExpo this weekend in Long Island, NY. All are welcome. Register here! @LongIslandEVs
I pulled my boat 1/2 mile then charged it to 100% and now it shows 160 miles tell empty. I cleared my driving history and drove 30 miles and now i am recharging it. steal show 170 miles tell empty. Has anyone had this problem or know what is going on. I have never set up a trailer on the truck.
hi. i bought my xlt lighting on friday july 14, can anyone advise if i can get the 10k back from todays price cut, dealer is not helping ford also is not helping.
What I have read don't put ceramic coating on sensors. I did and know I can not use Blue Cruises.