Ford F-150 Lightning Owner Opens Up About Towing And Range Reduction


Anew Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck owner recently shared some useful information about towing. As expected, the truck lost some 50 percent of its range due to pulling the heavy load. However, aside from the smaller range, which is also the case with gas-powered trucks, the Lightning was a solid performer.

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May 28, 2022
Houston, Texas
IMO, this a very important topic in determining the future of electrification of "towing" vehicles. Including people and goods delivery (buses, small delivery trucks, large semi-t/t, etc.) Needs to be analyzed carefully:
  • Regen efficiency
  • Overall wind resistance
  • Average vehicle speeds
  • Trailer tire types/pressures
  • Quick charge station availability and power ratings
  • etc , etc.
I want the Lightning as my go-to vehicle for hauling my dirt bikes - sometimes on long trips. This is in addition to building the first commercial home "nano-grid" in the US! Can it do this? Short trips, no prob. Long trips - not so much with current charge station limitations. At my age, not sure I'll actually be able to purchase such a vehicle with this limitation in the near future. OTOH, may have keep my old Suburban:rolleyes:.

My Nissan Leaf gets a consistent 4 m/kWh at 65 mph and 4.5 around town. These less than 1 m/kWh towing and less than 2 non-towing seems to indicate some room for improvement - especially with careful attention to some details.
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Jan 24, 2022
I want changes faster, but now towing with a large profile battery powered pickup will require more stops and better planning. We need better batteries, but even now Kenworth has a truck with a operating range of 150 miles, so big loads can be towed. And Lucid has a 800 volt car that can go 300 miles on a 22 minute recharge. I am excited how fast this is all happening. We know more charging stations are coming. Why doesn't every Ford Dealership in America have a couple of charging stations??