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Ford F-150 Lightning Finance Rates Revealed​

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RDale · May 10, 2022

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Ford released their Always On-Rate finance rates for the Lightning starting on May 6th.

These rates apply for Standard Retail, Options and Flex Buy Contracts on the F-150 Lightning.

The list of rates (up to 72 months) include:
  • Tier 0-1 Credit: 4.90%
  • Tier 2 Credit: 6.90%
  • Tier 3 Credit: 8.90%
  • Tier 4 Credit: 14.90%
  • Tier 5 Credit: Standard Rate
Rates (Up to 73-84 months): 100 bps (1%) increase
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How do we deal or get to tier 1?
Tier one is the best credit score I thank you have to have a score of excellent credit to get tier one 800 to 850 tier 2 is Great 740 to 799 Tier 3 A Good credit score is 670 to 739 Tier 4 Fair is 580 to 690 So It is all about charging people with the people with bad credit more money but I think it just keep poor people poor
Everybody needs to keep in mind that the rates above and the communication itself was back in May 2022 prior to the Fed raising interest rates.

My credit is excellent (875) and the lowest that I have seen offered to me recently is 5.7%.
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My credit union has offered me 3.99 and now I see it also depends on how long you want the loan for .3.99 was for 3 year and 4.49 for 4 years and 5 years is 4.99 all that is with excellent credit. It may go up or down by the time the truck gets here. Has anyone received a 2023 truck? I would like to know if it came with google and Platinum what color seat came in the 2023