RAM Teases New EV Pickup To Take On The F-150 Lightning And Electric Silverado


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Jun 7, 2021
As part of Stellantis’ EV Day 2021 where the group announced its electrification strategy, RAM confirmed the development of an electric pickup that will reach the market by 2024. The new 1500 BEV (Battery-Electric-Vehicle) will be a direct rival to the Ford F-150 Lightning the upcoming electric Chevrolet Silverado and the large number of electric pickups already announced for the coming years.

The RAM 1500 BEV will retain the body-on-frame architecture of its ICE predecessors, combined with futuristic styling. As previewed by the teaser, the pickup will feature altered proportions, an aerodynamic greenhouse, and a redesigned face with slim and connected LED headlights.

The battery will offer a range of up to 500 miles (805 km) with fast charging capability of 150 kWh and onboard power. The model will also inherit Stellantis’ latest driving assistance systems and infotainment tech.

The first electric RAM will arrive in 2024, followed by other BEVs covering most of its segments by 2025 and all of them no later than 2030. We will also see plug-in hybrid versions of RAM models combining ICE with electric motors and batteries allowing for zero-emission driving capability.

In the official video, we can see a total of five fully-covered RAM models behind the CEO, Mike Koval. Three of them are pickups, while there is also a small van resembling the next-generation RAM ProMaster City (Fiat Doblo’s sibling) and a large van which could be the successor of RAM ProMaster (Fiat Ducato’s sibling).



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I wish they would have shown off a little more of the truck. Hard to get that excited about a basic sketch.
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I mean, the sketch looks cool and all, but I feel like they are WAY behind!