F-150 Lightning Charge Station Pro Boasts Vehicle-to-Grid Charger


As worsening storms deprive more neighborhoods of power, the home-generator function of the new Ford F-150 Lightning has no doubt helped sell out 120,000 pre-orders. Folks who buy a Lightning and opt for the Ford Charge Station Pro home charger unit will be the first customers capable of returning power to their home or participating in vehicle-to-grid charging, dropping energy back into the grid for credits or payments from energy companies.

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Jul 30, 2021
I love this idea, but is the battery capable of cycling power daily into the grid without increasing degregation of it's capacity, forming dendrite crystals faster that will limit the range of the vehicle, and lower the charging percent of the battery itself at much quicker rate?
I seriously don't know, but it sounds like double charging on a battery that has only acceptable range to begin with. Unless it really does get 472 miles of range, like Tom Malogne at Inside Evs, and Marquis Brownlee have observed on the lightnings info screen. Then maybe the extra wear on the battery capacity wouldn't hurt so much. Just some thoughts.


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Jun 11, 2021
I believe the battery has a regulator built in to keep from completely shorting the battery an I thank the battery cooler kick on to keep the battery cool ....Its heat that kills a battery. But yes you only get so many charges out of a battery. You can make the battery last longer if you slow charge, don't run the battery down below 15% and don't keep it charged to 100%
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