Hello, Very Excited New Lightning Owner!


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Apr 15, 2023
Hello everyone,

I am very excited to be getting my Lightning sometime this week. I am buying it through my company to take advantage of an amazing CRA corporate tax break so I need to get a RIN from Service Ontario before I can take delivery, otherwise I would be getting the truck tomorrow. I'm hoping to get my RIN first thing and still be able to take delivery tomorrow but I will have to wait and see.

It's probably obvious to other Ontario owners that I live in Ontario, Canada from what I said above. I'm hoping there are other Ontario owners on this forum as it would be really helpful to exchange tips and stuff as we all learn the ins and outs in this area. I living in Brantford right now but spend a good deal of time in London and Milton, all that driving is a big reason I wanted to go EV.

I will be doing some videos when I get the truck and documenting what I like, don't like, what I figure out, and how I feel it compares to my Tundra.

Looking forward to sharing what I learn and learning from all of you!


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Jan 22, 2022
Welcome to the club!

I’m approaching 10,000 miles and 4 months on my 2023 Lariat and I must say it’s one of the best vehicles I have ever owned - hope you have the same experience!