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Sep 20, 2021
My problem is if i get the Lariat at $79,474 then i don't get the rebate if the bill passes. the rebate as it is written right now stops at $74,000 for trucks. i want to get as much on my truck as i can but if i order the Lariat at $67,474 and add the extended battery for $7,000 now i am at $74,474 and i lose all of this
  • Ford Co-Pilot Active 2.0 with BlueCruise hands-free highway driving
  • Phone-as-a-key
  • Trailer brake and hitch assist
  • 80-amp onboard power supply (capable of being a household generator in emergencies)
  • Lockable, partitioned fold-flat rear storage
  • Power tilt/telescoping steering column with memory controls
  • Heated second-row seats
  • Twin-panel moonroof
  • if these prices are right and the bill passes with dollar cap on trucks
How did you obtain pricing information?


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Jun 11, 2021
Will they allow us to take off the $2,000 moonroof?
That is what I was trying to say but it did not come out right. That would work for me but i do like a moonroof. I have it tinted on the inside and it stays open 9 months out of the year. In Texas June, July and August it gets to hot. But I keep it in my garage that is foam insulated and I have a heat pump mini split. So it will be babied and when I go to the store I will leave the A/C onso the interior don,t get hot

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Gloff you are right. I heard the tailgate size is different for whatever the hell reason. I can tell you for sure those taillights are expensive. My neighbor has a 2020 F350. He had a bird yes I said bird fly into his passenger side taillight. It broke the light. It was $1,800 to fix it. The lens, the light, the BLIS system had to be calibrated and of course let’s not forget the cost of the labor for all of that. And I Swear I told him it must have been a damn big bird. Jeff’s Reply… No Not Really….
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May 21, 2021
Hey all!

My name is Sean McLaughlin, I am the on of the EV Specialists here at Serramonte Ford. Some of you may know me from the Focus RS, Bronco, or Maverick forums.

I'm here to help answer questions relating to the Lightning. I have about 10 years experience with Ford here at this store, so I can offer some insight into the dealer side of things. For those of you who have orders with us, feel free to PM me here, or you can reach out to me at the store, direct line is 650-301-7084, or email at

I always get asked, so I'll put it here: We are not marking up any Reservation with our store that takes delivery of their order.

We're super juiced for this truck, no pun intended!

Welcome to the forum @Gloff - Glad to have you on the forum!


Jun 13, 2021
Santa Cruz, CA
Ok Sean make my day and tell me how I can add the lightbar to the XLT, with out a big hassle, how bout using a tailgate that's used on the Lariat or platinum.
The way you add a tailgate light bar to an XLT is by upgrading your order to a Lariat. There’s no other way it will happen. As has already been mentioned, the tailgate isn’t the only difference. The taillights that it “mates” up to are different, too. And they’re very expensive and just not worth the trouble. And there’s absolutely no way they will provide the tailgate upgrade as a factory option. They want to you go with the higher-priced Lariat.

I’m ordering an XLT+, but I like the look of the ICE truck’s tailgate better, anyway


Sep 24, 2021
San Francisco
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OK guys and gals, I was swamped with a busy end of month, and just now have caught up to this thread.
What I don't understand is if ford has been using taillights since 2015 with BLIS and the taillight mount as the Same size on all the models the only thing you should have to change is the tailgate to have the lightbar on the XLT, because they are using the same tailgate on the XLT that they used on the 2021 model the tailgates on the 2022 models are the same width as the 2021 models the only thing different is the design to except the light bar.
As was explained before, the tailgate is physically different on the PRO and XLT from the Lariat+ these pictures should help you understand. The Lariat has a little protrusion in the middle sides that extends in front of the taillight. I don't know why they did that, but they did. EDIT: I remember now, Ford told us that because the reverse lights are in the tailgate light bar, they had to have a reverse light solution if the tailgate was down, so those protrusions hide the reverse lights unless the tailgate is down.

Lightning tailgate.png

I hear yah…. I am Also ordering the XLT with the extended battery range. I would like to either get the Leather Seats like in the Lariat or the Vinyl Seats like in the PRO. I heard I can’t do that either. I also like the rims on the PRO much better. (Just a personal preference). I talked to my dealer and they said I can’t do that either. Wondering if Gloff or you have any insight on that. Maybe Gloff can also explain all the advantages of ordering the Lariat. Does ordering the $20,000 more expensive model at least come with the extended range batteries as a standard feature and not a $10,000 option. And one last question. Maybe a stupid one (sorry). Is their anyway to put a 4 inch lift on there. Seems a little low.
You can install aftermarket leather on the XLT if you have to have leather. Just like most vehicles, you can buy the wheels separately, but if it's not offered as an option, there's no way to order it from the factory that way. I can't explain the advantages just yet, as we don't have any concrete information from Ford on the packaging and options. We'll know more when the price list and order guide drop. As always, the aftermarket will likely have solutions for lifts, but be advised that lifts/wheels/tires will affect your range and efficiency. The suspension is different from regular F-150, the rear will have IRS.

I also want that lightbar….Ford has been advertising at least in my area, we can now order vehicles the way we want them. Just like our fathers and grandfathers use to do. Let me make this clear….they are not advertising the Lightning. But I have seen the commercial about ordering your next vehicle the way you want them. Well that’s not exactly true. If you can’t order the vehicle with the light bar, Leather Seats and and the tires and rims the way you want then that commercial is not exactly true. Oh yah and one other thing. I really don’t want the glass rooftop or any moonroof. I never use them and personally don’t like them. I don’t think I can order a solid roof. If they are going to put a glass roof on them, then why not put those into solar roofs and charge the batteries that way? oh wait maybe that is the next $25,000 option in the next version of the Lightning.
Manufacturers package options to simplify production, that is a reality of auto manufacturing. Complexity adds cost, bespoke options are usually reserved for ultra high end vehicle manufacturers. For what it's worth, Ford is probably the most flexible of the mainstream brands on options. Go try to spec out a Toyota or Honda, there are not very many options you can choose from once you've picked a trim level.
We also don't have the order guide, so we don't really know what will be optional and what will be packaged.

The Lariat will the extended battery is 79,474 I don't know if you can install a lift kit but suspect you can
Pricing has not been officially announced, so this is just speculation.

Hey Don…. Well then Gloff is probably right. By the time you add on the extended battery on the XLT and it sure does not sound like the tailgates are interchangeable (which I still don’t understand). We may not be able to even put a lightbar on the truck. Even if we can I don’t think it’s going to be a cheap proposition. And like I said from what I was told by my dealer I can’t get leather or vinyl seats in the XLT model. Which I really want. It’s so much easier to clean up with a dog. My dealer also told me that we can’t put a lift on the Lightning. Something to do with the electric motors by the wheels? Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it. I am hoping someone on here will be able to explain it to me.
See above for the tailgate explanation. The motors not at the wheel ends, the motors are in the center. Here's a nice video with some useful body off information

I have been wondering when the order bank for the F150 lightning will open up do you think this could be when.
Yes, that has been supported by several sources now, some of them being dealers, and the OP is a Ford Dearborn employee. Should be legit.
Order Bank opens 10/26/2021. For the record, I work for a Dealer (Serramonte Ford, just south of San Francisco), not Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.


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Jun 13, 2021
Santa Cruz, CA
Order Bank opens 9/26/2021. For the record, I work for a Dealer (Serramonte Ford, just south of San Francisco), not Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.
My mistake. I was conflating this thread with the one on another forum from a Dearborn employee.

Thanks for all the info, and the confirmation of the differences in taillights between models.


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Oct 3, 2021
Can we change dealers if they charge extra during the Reservation to Order process?
Thx in advance.